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Jeston Rodriguez

Owner & Live Wedding Painter/ Watercolor Sketch Artist

Hi everyone! I'm Jeston Rodriguez, I'm a Houston native artist,  and have been working as a freelance muralist, art instructor, and commissions artist since 2013. I graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art with my BFA in Illustration.

In November of 2020, I launched my business Kiss the Grave Studios full time, which led to me painting a friends wedding as a gift. I immediately fell in love with the entire process! Which led to the creation of Rendered Moments Live Wedding and Event Painting!


From working with you to find the right vibe and moment, to the day of painting all of your carefully thought out choices, to the big reveal! I was instantly hooked! I can't wait to continue working with couples to make their special days that more unique!

If you'd like to view more of my personal work, check out my social media. Available for domestic and international travel! 


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Photo by Elliot Blue Photography


Jenneia McEnany

Live Wedding Painter & Watercolor Sketch Artist

Hello! I'm Jenneia! I'm a self taught artist from Lake Jackson, Tx! I have been creating since I can remember, but I have been painting and doing commission work since 2014. After studying and working in the medical field for 10 years, I moved onto my dream of being a fine artist. My passion for art and painting has led me to many exciting opportunities and finally now to You! Along with Jeston, I am here to make your wedding even more special!

Examples of my Live Wedding Painting work to come! If you'd like to view more of my personal work, check out my social media.  Available for domestic travel!

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Abby Lopez

Guest Caricature artist & Watercolor Sketch Artist

My name is Abby and I’m a freelance artist of many mediums!

I reside in the SE Houston area with my fiancé, three cats, bull terrier, and new baby girl!

I have been drawing live caricatures since 2017, starting at Kemah boardwalk. I then transitioned into providing entertainment by drawing caricatures for children’s parties while finishing my college degree in drafting! 


Photo by Jenneia McEnany

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Photo by Abby Lopez


Kat Brown

Live Wedding Painter & Watercolor Sketch Artist

Hi  I'm Kat, I'm an artist based in the  greater Houston area. There is nothing more in this world that I love more than art, with the exception of my child and cat. With the support of my grandmother (who was also an artist) I've been been painting for as long as I can remember, building my craft and learning new techniques along the way.  

From pet portraits to beautiful moments I am excited to paint your perfect day! 

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Photo by Jeston Rodriguez



Watercolor Sketch Artist

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Photo  by Jasmin Faz

Hello! My name is Jasmin Faz, I am a local artist in the Houston area. I am a full time college student pursuing a Bachelors in Mathematics while also doing art commissions on the side.


I first began painting as a hobby about 6 years ago, but it quickly turned into a passion. I truly love to create unique art work for others to enjoy. I hope I can help capture a special moment that you will cherish forever! For examples of my art commissions, check out my social media below!"

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