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Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials do you use to create the art with?

  • We use professional, archival materials for all of our art. Watercolors are created on cold-press archival paper with professional grade watercolor paint.

  • Our live wedding paintings are created on stretched cotton canvas with professional grade acrylic paint.

How long do the paintings take to finish?

  •  Each Watercolor sketch can take 6-10 minutes to complete depending on how man people we are sketching (2-5). Depending on how large your guest list is will determine how many artists you'll need to get everyone sketched. 

  • Each Caricature sketch can take 6-8 minutes to complete depending on how many people we are sketching (1-4)

  • For our Live Wedding Paintings done in acrylic, these paintings require us to set up before the start of your ceremony, so we can get in a full 6-8 hours of work. Included as part of the package, we take your painting back to our studio for touch ups, add in additional loved ones who could not be there with you, pets, or any other things you would like to add. 

Do the paintings come framed?

  • The acrylic paintings are completed on a 1.5" canvas with the sides  painted a solid color. All canvases come wired and ready to hang the minute you get home. All canvases are finished with a UV protectant varnish. It’s up to you how/if you want to frame them. We recommend a canvas frame that sits just on the edge of the canvas, or a floater frame that sits around the canvas. Canvases do not require glass.

  •  The watercolors and caricatures will require framing, for the artwork’s protection from damage and for proper display. We suggest a matt to protect the paper from touching the glass. 

Do we or the venue need to supply anything for you?

  • For the live paintings, we bring all our own gear, including easel, a light to see by, and a water jar. All we'll need is a place to get water, an electrical outlet close by, for our lights and chargers, and a chair. Our set up is about 5x5ft

  • For the Watercolor sketches, we can provide our own tables, or the venue can. Depending on how many artists you book, we may need space for up to two 6ft tables, a 6ft and a 4ft table, or just one 6ft table. We will need access to an electrical outlet for our lights and chargers, and the corresponding amount of chairs to artists booked. Our tables have black spandex covers.

  • For the Caricatures sketches, the artists will need an 8x8ft space with access to an outlet for lights and chargers, and 3 chairs (1 for the artist, and two for guests)

I want to book you, but we're not in Houston, do you travel?

Of course! If the venue is within 75 miles of our location in Houston (77034) there is no travel fee. If it is over 75 miles there is a $0.56 per mile travel fee. If the venue is more than 2 hours away from Houston, we do ask for overnight accommodations. If further than 350 miles, we ask that the client provide a plane ticket (This may not apply to every destination outside of the 350 miles), overnight accommodations, and car rental. Available for domestic and international travel. 

Caricatures are excluded from travel outside of Houston and its surrounding areas at this time.*

Can you do a Live Wedding Painting, the Guest Watercolor Sketches, and Caricatures?

Yes! We have multiple artists on our team, we can certainly do multiple services for you! 

Where are you located? Can we visit your studio for a meeting?

At this time we no longer have a studio that couples can visit. We are more than happy to meet at a coffee shop, restaurant, or venue if the couple would like to meet in person! 

My Venue requires vendors to have their own insurance. Are you insured?

Yes! Rendered Moments carries a standard liability insurance covering up to $1M.

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